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WHY   Syntropy.

SYNTROPY was founded out of the necessity to unify the creative energy of startups that are looking to solve human problems that arise in urban settings.  From wellness and food innovation to urban planning, real estate development demands, we foresee an ever growing market with few holistic and sustainable solutions.  Syntropy taps into this market by generating solutions that solve market asymmetries. As a Start-Up, we work on the development, design and implementation of innovative solutions in the service and product markets where we implement state-of-the-art technology in the following segments:

  1. Food and Wellness

  2. Environmental Quality

  3. Real Estate Strategies

  4. Mobility

  5. Urban Health

  6. Awareness and Citizen Science


Among the relevant projects developed by SYNTROPY®,include (1) APOTEK®, a Food and Wellness company, (2) “Rabbit”, a mobile device for the measurement of environmental quality in urban pedestrian routes and bicycle paths in the region, (3) AQI, the measurement of air pollution, acoustics and lighting of all the zones of Cities in the region, (4) The measurement, analysis, and visualization of quality of water in urban centers, (5) Development of data visualization platforms with the integration of open-data for analysis via "Dashboards", (6) Development of a citizen platform for environmental alerts, (7) Creation of technical tables to establish protocols and baselines, (8) Cooperation with local and international academia/companies for the development of quantum and spatial simulations.

To our Clients

Contrary to entropy, syntropy refers to a methodology capable of activating a series of conscious actions that enhance the restructuring, balance and metabolic acceleration of a system. SYNTROPY works with passion, dedication and vision to create the necessary ecosystems to promote the collaboration of creative entities to develop products and services that meet the needs of society. We have the conviction of being an accelerating agent that promotes the evolutionary trend towards collaboration of diverse people, teams and creative entities.

SYNTROPY: We create solutions that improve your life.

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